$moke – $moke N Fire

March 22, 2018 pwrmoves 0

Joining a List of Hip-Hop/Cloud Rappers, $moke stands out with his touch of spacey melodic choruses. Through freedom of experimentation $moke dreams of touring one […]

Young Drastic – FVRT DRG

September 4, 2017 pwrmoves 0

After personal struggles and new-found sense of artistic identity, Indie wordsmith Young Drastic returns with his best effort Popular Unpopular. Mixing 80’s melodics with sadly […]

Robert Green – Dreams

September 1, 2017 pwrmoves 0

Robert Green’s latest album “Dream” reminisces on the golden era of R&B with heavily influenced sounds from 90’s groups such as Jodeci, Boyz II Men, as […]

Video 4.0 – Let It Go

August 26, 2017 pwrmoves 0

Video is an Artist/Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Performer/Writer. his songs and videos are getting a lot of attention, both at shows and on YouTube. With mentions on some of […]

NeWavEra’s – In Living Color

July 27, 2017 pwrmoves 0

Now available on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/in-living-color/id1139939317 NeWavEra is a rap and hip hop collective featuring eight multi-talented artists, Najee Stokes, Timothy Nasir, James Green, SwankTheGod, Kill$am, James […]

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