Muzik Genesis – Sequoia

Pablo Orozco-Castro recently released his latest project under his alter-ego Muzik Genesis. The 22-track album titled:”Sequoia” fuses and bends several genres including Hip-Hop, Rock, EDM, and Jazz.

As an album, Sequoia delivers a smooth and well laid out project. The track placements mesh well together, and shows how much time and effort was put fourth.

The biggest standout is The Land of Water (Atl), which is a laid back jazzy tune, which is reminiscent of the late J-Dilla’s drunken style drums.

The Muzik Genesis project, spearheaded by Pablo Orozco-Castro, is a spiritual journey through human existence combining various forms of “genres”. Muzik Genesis is both a Hip-Hop/, Experimental rock music producer and an Electronic Dance Music DJ. The ideology behind Muzik Genesis as an independent artist is not being limited to the label of a specific musical genre and instead tries to demonstrate that music is an active evolutionary force that is part of our culture, as it is always changing.


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