Capo 2G – PULLUP ft. Kirko Bangz (Official Video)

Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Las Vegas based artist Capo 2G is definitely making waves with his single “PULLUP” featuring Kirko Bangz.

The vibe of the track meshes dancehall, afrobeat, and and hip-hop, which is distinct and refreshing. The feel good jam was filmed in Las Vegas, NV, and definitely showcases the lifestyle Capo represents.

The fusion between these three genres really brings diversity into hip-hop, and shows that Capo is a multi-dimensional artist.

Capo 2G is a Hip Hop artist currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, his upbringing informed his personal genre he defines as AfroHiphop. His unique, island fused sound is one of the many factors giving rise to his growing fanbase. Capo 2G’s close relationship with A-listers such as Rae Sremmurd gives him the opportunity to learn from the front lines as he prepares himself to step into the spotlight. He begins his first solo tour in Trinidad, Colorado on February 21st. You can follow Capo 2G on Instagram or Soundcloud. You can catch new video releases on YouTube.

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