Young Corn – 3 (Audio)

Atlanta based artist Young Corn recently released single “3”. Young Corn’s style is often dubbed as new wave hip-hop, which strays away from the classic Atlanta sound that most are used to.

Regardless of the difference in sound, Corn is trying to carve out his own lane, with a monotone nasal-voice melody, which impressively creates a smooth sing-song flow. It’s a style that can be compared to Toronto rapper Nav, who is currently breaking out on XO Records.

Ohio based, Atlanta bred artist Young Corn is set to take the music industry by storm. Young Corn’s small but loyal fanbase provides him with the inspiration to keep creating and innovating, including his exciting new contribution to music, the new wave sound he has dubbed “melodizing.” His latest single is a collaboration with a fellow artist on Soundcloud. A whole slate of solo singles are available now. Catch up with Young Corn on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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