SNOZ – Scary Hour (Audio)

The latest single from Nigerian born artist SNOZ brings an interesting perspective. The unorthodox sound from SNOZ is unique, relentless and non-conventional. At first listen, the track is quite painful, but after multiple listens, it begins to grow.

Now living in Malaysia, SNOZ brings a unique perspective to hip-hop, which some may not get at first listen. Ultimately this is something SNOZ needs to continue to do to grow as an artist.

SNOZ is a multi-talented artist. Born in Nigeria and currently based in Malaysia, he has overcome many obstacles to become the artist he is today, expressing his message through modeling as well as producing and creating music. Although he dropped out of college, he used the time to hone his craft and grow his fanbase. His current project, “The Life of SNOZ” is available now. You can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, or go to his official website.

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