Marc Illy – Halo (Video)

Marc Illy’s “Halo” is a laid-back track that provides positive vibes. Illy’s style is often categorized as funky, eclectic and sonically sound. The hook on “Halo” showcases Illy’s vocal melodies, accompanied with his storytelling lyrics.

Overall the track is up-lifting, and the video has major production quality that can hang with the majors. Illy continues to grind on his art, and the sky is the limit for this artist.

Marc Illy is an American entrepreneur, songwriter, producer, blogger, social influencer and piano player. Born in Pittsburgh, PA but raised all around the globe, Marc has lived in Cape Town, South Africa, Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, San Diego, and Boca Raton, FL. After graduating High School he moved to Orange County, CA and eventually to Los Angeles, CA where he now resides. His most memorable performances include performing as the opening act during Method Man’s “Still High Tour” in 2008 and touring around Taiwan for 2 and a half years in 2015. Marc continues to create music and uses his platform to encourage others. You can keep up with Marc on his Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.




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