Chris B- Still Up (Audio)


The latest single from Cali artist Chris B. provides a deep look inside the journey he’s been on since the inception of his work dating back close to 20 years. On his latest single “Still Up”, Chris B. showcases his unique wordplay style, mixed with braggadocios elements to create a sonically sound project.

Christopher Berry, known by his stage name Chris B hails from Lake Elsinore, California. He’s been producing music since 2000 and known for having one of the most popular styles in the industry. With little musical training, Chris B’s has created and tuned his style over the years. An independent artist, he seeks to motivate and inspire his fans by telling honest stories with his music. You can keep up with updates on Chris B on his Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and on his website.


The streets of California late night Hollywood scenes is where I currently perform and roam. also along with touring World Wide!! I followed my dreams in music production. I write my lyrics and produce my songs in my home studio. I love collaborating with other artists and experimenting with different genres of music.


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