Georgia University adds new course studying Outkast


Armstrong State University in Savannah, GA has added a new course to their Spring 2017 curriculum.  Dr. Regina Braldey will be teaching “Outkast and the Rise of the Hip-Hop South”.

Bradley is currently an Assistant Professor of African American Studies at Armstrong State University. She believes that higher education institute need more contemporary studies of the South.

“We’re stuck in outdated approaches and discussions of what is and what isn’t southern. I think it is important for students, both native and non-native southerners, to understand and study how the South has changed in the last 50 years,”

Bradley’s main objective is to engage students on the influence on hip-hop in black culture, lives and identity in the South after the Civil Rights Movement.

The class scheduled two days a week starting in Spring 2017 is currently full.

Credit: The Inkwell





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