5 Common Mistakes Artists Make When Submitting Music To Hip Hop Blogs

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Mistakes artists make when for submitting music to hip hop blogs

One of the biggest challenges when promoting your hip hop music is getting coverage, and submitting music to blogs is one of the best ways to get heard. We have compiled a list of common mistakes hip hop artists make when submitting music.

1.  Not Following Blog Instructions:

The first thing many bloggers see when they open up a submission is whether the artist followed directions. Many blogs have specific criteria when accepting submissions, including music links, bio, social media links and hi resolution images. When an artist submits to Pwr Moves we require a streaming link which we can embed on our site. Most blogs prefer links from Souncloud, Audiomack, Bandcamp, DatPiff and videos from Youtube, Vimeo and VEVO. When an artist sends an iTunes link, or a Spotify playlist it hinders your chances to get posted as this requires the reader to have a subscription or pay for your music. If you have an album for sale using iTunes that’s great, but mirroring certain songs on your Soundcloud page with a link to your paid music is best practice.

2. Poor Subject Headings:

Before I even open an e-mail in our submission inbox I look at the subject of the message. If you haven’t established a relationship with the blog or blogger having a subject heading like “Best New Single” or “Peep my Track” will often go ignored.

We prefer the following when receiving a submission: “Official PR: Artist Name – Song / Video Title (Official Video / Audio)

3.  Posting / Tagging Bloggers on Social Media:

We love hearing new music from up and coming artists, but spamming comment sections on Facebook, tagging on Twitter or Instagram comments will not get us to listen any quicker. Most bloggers have routines they have put in place when going through submissions. We post new music from established artists which we get from various outlets including PR services, labels and keeping our ear to the street. When it comes to up and coming artists we have a specific inbox we check every second day and sift out the best based on our submission criteria before we even listen to the music.

4. Sending large files:

Sending links to Dropbox, Google Drive or large e-mail attachments will often go ignored. Make the submission process simple for the blogger by sending a streaming link that can be embedded with ease on any web platform.

5.  Overall Music Quality: 

Most hip hop blogs have their own criteria when posting music. If your music is poorly mixed it usually doesn’t end up making the cut. Some blogs have their own niche when it comes to style of hip hop. We here at Pwr Moves strive to promote all types of hip hop, but prefer lyrical content over anything. We do receive submissions from various types of hip hop subsets and strive to post as much music that have resonate with our readership.

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