Joe Budden chases fans after they approach him – “I will kill one of you.”

Joe Budden has been known for his diss tracks of late, but now the internet is critiquing his driving skills.

Video has emerged of two fans approaching the New Jersey rapper sitting in his car in a driveway. The rapper isn’t too pleased to see them filming him with their phones and attempts to apprehend them.

“Yo, we’re getting chased by Joe Budden,” one of the fans says in another clip, filming Budden following them down the street in his car. “Follow me on Twitter,” a voice can be heard, directed people to the account @redakidprodigy.


The second video shows Budden  chasing the two fans in his car, and then running the fans down with rocks in his hand.

“This is not the internet,” Budden says, standing outside the fans car. “I will kill one of you.”



“I’m sorry, I understand,” one of the fans says. “I’m sorry.”

It is unknown why the fans approached Budden, but now this whole situation has caused a Sunday night meme on social media.

Budden took to Twitter sharing the following message:







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