Troy Ave – BAD ASS (Joey Bada$$ diss) [Audio]

Troy Ave - Joey Badass diss song

Joey Bada$$ recently took shots at Troy Ave on his song Ready – “With the 80/20 split do the math, my nigga Kirk Knight just outsold Troy Ave.”

Troy didn’t take to well to that comment and has responded with Bad ASS which takes shots at the Brooklyn rapper and the late Capital Steez.

“Don’t be suicidal like ya friend / It’s a casket / Steez burning in hell, my burners on my belt..” – Troy Ave

Troy’s Major Without a Deal album was criticized for selling only 30 physical and 4000 digital copies the first week it came out last summer. Those numbers were clarified after it was noted that those were pre-release figures before the album actually hit stores. The actual numbers came out weeks later and showed Ave selling 9000 albums. Joey’s first major release B4.DA.$$ moved 54,000 units in it’s first week.

Joey hasn’t hit back with a record yet, but did tweet the following message



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