Mic Gutz & Mark Jordan – Time Served (Album)

There’s no introduction needed for these 2 lyrical beasts. Mic Gutz and Mark Jordan have proven time and time again that when they collaborate together with music, magic happens. Already having successful solo careers with the release of their latest projects; Mark Jordan’s “Trials and Tribulations Of a Gemini”/ “The Lost Tapes and Mic Gutz “Me Against The 6ix”/”Freedumb Of Speech”,over the years, they have proven to the hip hop community that they can hold their own. Now with both of them combining forces, they bring that raw, street influenced sound the hip hop world is craving to hear! Recorded just days before Mark Jordan incarceration, #TIMESERVED gives us a high degree of lyricism, street poetry and a conscious outlook on life. #TIMESERVED is shaping up to be the most talked about release of 2016.

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