Cameron Murdoch – Back To The Drawing Board (Audio)

Virginia based artist Cameron Murdoch is a blues musician turned rap vigilante. His music is strikingly honesty and genre bending. Murdoch takes each phrase as an opportunity to connect with the audience on a level that is deeper than a head-bob or a tapping foot. Cam seeks to tap into the listener’s humanity & encourage them to feel again.

“Back to The Drawing Board” is the 2nd record from Cameron Murdoch’s forthcoming EP entitled “I Love Me Too”. The single features production from Film Noir: Sound’s co-founder and Toronto based producer Krs. (@producedbykrs). “I Love Me Too” will be released this March.

Cameron Murdoch will be performing in Austin, TX during SXSW ’16 as a part of the following showcases:

3/16 – Legally Loud Pt. 3
3-17 – Dirty Glove Bastard x Plane Clothes & Co. “Hoodstock”



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