Wayne Brezz – She Got It ft. Doughbeezy [Artist Spotlight]


HOUSTON, TEXAS – October 2014: We’d like to formally introduce you to Houston, 
Texas R&B/Pop artist WAYNE BREZZ. Wayne is something we like to call the full 
package in that he does it all from singer to songwriter to dancer. He has every element 
that it takes for a modern day artist to climb to the top and with one listen you’ll see why 
he’s on his way on the up and up quicker than most. 

Wayne Brezz is no stranger to the music industry and the hard work it takes to really 
become something. In a world of cookie cutter artists, he prides himself on being that 
sweet fresh breeze (no pun intended) that has fans across the globe raving about his 
unique sound. From an early age taking music ques from legends such as Michael 
Jackson and The Temptations, Wayne was honing his skills from the get go. Wayne 
channeled his writing skills as a young man through poetry which would later be the 
building blocks that led him to the successful songwriting road you see him on today. 
Wayne’s music is so multifaceted that you can’t really throw him into any set genre. He 
has a diverse sound that caters to a modern day diverse audience from his classic pop 
sound to his R&B sound choices.. he has something for everyone. Take his song “RAGE TONIGHT” which embodies what everyone wants in life when they go out with their 
friends to have a great time.. you want to rage and just live life. Wayne’s lyrics and 
musical production take on every cue of what the fans want. He does this to bring his 
talents to the fans and every live show he puts on is nothing short of a straight up party 
with people dancing and singing along. 

Unlike other artists.. Wayne isn’t just standing on stage doing his thing, he commands 
the stage from left to right. Everyone becomes part of the show and you’d be hard 
pressed to not find someone without their hands up in the air having the night of their 
life. Check out a live performance from Wayne doing “Rage Tonight” at one of his 
favorite local spots Scout Bar in Houston via: VIDEO See for yourself some of the 
dance moves that made him a featured dancer on the Usher world tour along with 
appearances on stage with Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Missy Elliot, and Ciara. He 
was also fortunate enough to recently tour along with Juicy J, Bone Thugs N Harmony, 
and DMX on their most recent tour.

Wayne is currently wrapping up the final touches on his brand new EP entitled “I AM” 
which is due to drop later this fall independently. Wayne had this to say about his 
upcoming release:

“I AM” will serve as a lens for fans to really look into who Wayne really is. Wayne states, “It’s inspired by the mistakes I have made in life—relationships, friends, and lovers—to the incredible leaps I have taken in the industry. “

“Love Affair” showcases more of Wayne’s versatility in that not only can he make tracks 
that go off at the club, but also tracks that you can put on when you’re cruising in your 
car or chilling with your significant other. It has that soft sex appeal to it that makes you 
just slowly bop your head along with the beat while Wayne delivers his sensual vocals. 
Wayne knows what he’s doing and does it well. The years of experience have added up 
to something that’s on its way to quickly being the next Billboard chart topper.  We’d love to welcome all radio directors, label A&R, music editors, and everyone else  who after listening also believes in Wayne’s dream of reaching the top. Wayne would be happy to talk further about live event appearances/performances, interview requests, and  general questions about his music. 

You can reach Wayne via his management at the 
following correspondence. Clayton Danford: [email protected] 

Key tracks/songs are listenable via ReverbNation: www.reverbnation.com/waynebrezz



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