Top 10 Wrestling References In Rap Songs

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a long time fan of wrestling. I haven’t really kept up on it in the last several years, but I grew up watching it every Saturday morning and eventually became a big fan of the Monday Night Wars with WWE(WWF) and WCW. I have also been a fan of hip hop music since the early 90’s and have always thought the two complimented each other. I have always noticed when rappers reference pro wrestling terms and would like to give to you my top ten list.
10. Big Pun – It’s So Hard ft. Donell Jones

“Watch me, you can catch it live on Hitachi.  Poppin’ shit like a Nazi, iced out like (Ted) Dibiase.” -Big Pun – 1:57
9.  Fabolous ft. Freck Billionaire – Roger That (Freestyle)

“I DDT the pussy, I’m Jake the Snake to you. I put ‘em in the coffin, I’m the Undertaker too.” -Fabolous- 0:58

8. Redman ft. Method Man – Do What Ya Feel

 “Dreamin ’bout Toni Braxton, blowin’ her back out like Bob Backlund
I’m throwing wrestling holds, tag-team with Funk Doc, we in funk mode, take yo’ best shot” – 0:49

7.  Action Bronson – Barry Horowitz

“It’s Barry Horowitz rap, I pat myself on the back” – 1:21

6.  Joe Budden – Roll Call

“Now it’s ridiculous, all this shit’s frivolous – Niggas ain’t Macho Man, they Miss Elizabeth” – 2:35

5. Fabolous – Takin Pictures ft. Red Cafe, Paul Cain, & Freck

The Four Horsemen – Arn, Ole, Flair, Tully, Making it fully – Ski mask ya skull”  – 2:44

4.  Action Bronson ft. Wiz Khalifa – The Rockers

“I hit you with the dropkick, Marty Jannetty” – 0:28

3.  Jedi Mind Tricks ft. Sean Price – Blood Runs Cold

We dedicated to cats that’s been thuggin – Vinnie Paz got more hoes then Jim Duggan – 2:53

2. Cam’ron ft. Vado – Ric Flair

“Get it clear, if you want it we get it there, need more than 6 pairs I’m like ‘ Whoooo!’, Ric Flair” – 1:51

1. Rascalz Game Time b/w Sharpshooter ft. Bret The Hitman Hart

“Still first place, gold belt round the waist – tag team champs here to deal with your case” – 3:17

This is probably one of my favourites with Bret Hart in the video and awkwardly pumping his first in the ring with Red One and Misfit.



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